Awards and Recognitions

SuperBrix has been recognized since its foundation as an innovative company and a leader in the development of new processing technologies. Below is a summary of some of the recognitions and awards that SuperBrix has been awarded with in the last 50 years.

WIPO ( World intellectual property organization) Grants: SuperBrix
The WIPO Award for Outstanding Inventors - For his Invention: Maize Decorticator DG-6000
November 2005




Republic of Colombia Senate Grants: SuperBrix
Commander Grade Medal
November 4, 2010



Governor of Atlántico Grants: SuperBrix
Puerta de oro de Colombia Medal - Gold Class
November4, 2010



Mayor of Barranquilla Grants: SuperBrix
City of Barranquilla Medal - Maximum distinction of the city
November 4, 2010



The Minsitry of Commerce, Industry & Tourism Grants: SuperBrix
The Colombian Prize for technological innovation in SME Business - INNOVA 2005 - Medium sized enterprise category
December2, 2005




Universidad del Norte Grants: SuperBrix
Bussines Merit Medal - Gold Class
November4, 2010



Universidad Simón Bolivar Grants: SuperBrix
Award Business Merit Award in the Innovation Company category
Nomvember 25, 2010



Siembra Colombia Fondation & the British Embassy 2010 Grant: SuperBrix
Prize: Environmental liability/ Responsability with alternative fuels
September16, 2010





Proexport & Analdez Grant: SuperBrix
National Exports Award 1999
Export archievement in small and medium enterprise




The Industrial Development Institute Grants: SuperBrix
The award Carlos Lleras Restrepo
for The excellence in product design management




Bancoldex, Tecnos & ACAC ( The Colombian Association for the Advancement of Science Awarded: SuperBrix
The National Award for the Technology Innovation Bussiness - In medium business category
October 1995



Fedemetal ( Colombia Federation of Metalworkers / Metallurgica Industry Grants: SuperBrix
The awards the Metallurgic Merit Honor
December 3, 1993