Husk Furnace - TEOII


The Husk Furnace series TEO II manufactured by SuperBrix, is a result of a successful process of continuous technological innovation in search for effective solutions for the use of agricultural by products. The efficient and regulated heat generation, using solid by products as only fuel, as rice husk, constitutes a key factor for significant savings and competitiveness in the rice industry.


The TEO IILX incorporates a heat recuperation system and emissions control for use in conjunction with a static or dinamic dryers, which provides maximum heat recovery optimization and automatic ash recovery.



Designed in order to maintain clean product without air pollution. The TEO IIL an LX operates as a reliable standard heat exchanger, avoiding any type of leakage due to its heavy duty welded design.


The TEO II husk furnaces feature automated control systems and achieve an efficient drying process at uniform temperatures.


Using the rice husk, a by product of rice milling, as fuel for the heat generation for rice drying, the user can efficiently substitute the use of fossil fuels, resulting in significant economic savings


The substitution of fossil fuels, combined whit the efficient combustion process, guarantee minimum impact on the enviroment