Superbrix Enters The Asian Market With Rice Processing Machinery

Barranquilla (Colombia), March 11 (Colombia.inn).- The Colombian company has successfully placed Superbrix innovative machinery for the processing of cereals and oilseeds in the vast Asian market for rice, a region that brings you 50% of the Sales to this company that in 2013 a turnover of 15 million dollars.

From its workshops in Barranquilla, Superbrix, consolidated as a major exporter of agricultural machinery in Latin America, besides competing with manufacturers from Europe and the United States.

Their shipments reach countries from neighboring Venezuela to as far away as Kazakhstan, Surinam and Nigeria.

"Today we can say with great satisfaction that Asia accounts for nearly 50% of sales in the last two years," said Mariano Ghisays President of the Board to Colombia.inn operated by Efe agency.

The landing in Asia, where 80% of world rice production and a similar percentage of machinery manufacturers, was seven years ago with its first sale to the Philippines and then to Vietnam, although the family company began exporting in 1965 Venezuela.

According to a report of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the global rice production in November 2013 was estimated at 741.4 million tones, of which Asia had exported 672.7 million of tons.

"Today we have reached 42 countries with SuperBrix equipment and complete plants" said Ghisays.

The fall in sales to Venezuela which led them to consolidate in Asia and explore new destinations in 2013, when exports reached 93% of its turnover.

"We managed to really keep sales last year conquering Asia markets like the Philippines, and Vietnam, and came to Kazakhstan," and even Nigeria, Africa, revealed Ghisays.

That experience was gained during exports to Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Peru in recent years.