SuperBrix, Innovación para la Agroindustria

innovacion para la agroindustria

Gracias al desarrollo de un sistema de secado modular de alta capacidad, ecológico y energéticamente autosostenible, donde se utiliza la tusa de la mazorca para generar energía y garantizar el proceso de secado del producto mismo, SuperBrix ganó en 2015 el premio Innova.

II Foro de Energías Renovables No Convencionales de la ANDI 2017

El pasado 20 de Noviembre de 2017 se llevó a cabo el II Foro de Energías Renovables No Convencionales de la ANDI, en el Hotel Dann Carlton, donde SuperBrix participó como panelista presentando el Innovador Sistema de generación eléctrica a partir de Biomasa de la agroindustria TEOPOWER. #ANDI #SuperBrix #TEOPOWER

Superbrix S.A. notice of approval for treatment of personal data

We inform that on October 17th of 2012 the Statutory Law 1581 was issued for the protection of personal data. On June 27, 2013 decree 1377 was issued, which regulates the aforementioned law. Essentially, these standards refer to "processing" of existing information in databases; it is to say, any operation related to personal data such as: collection, storage, use, circulation, or deletion.

In order to guarantee the constitutional right to data protection, we declare that SUPERBRIX S.A. counts on a data base with information related to names, addresses, email accounts, identification and other non-private data related to the identity of our customers, suppliers, workers, and other third parties; such information is used exclusively for commercial purposes among them:  

• To achieve an efficient communication related to our products, services, offers, promotions, contents, as well as facilitate the general access to the information of these.  

• Provide our products and / or services  

• Inform about new products and / or services

• Inform on changes to our products and / or services

• Assess the quality of our products and / or services

• Conduct internal research on consumer habits


Our visionary and innovative principles


We share this video that reflects  our explorative and innovative strategy as fundamental pillars of our of competitiveness and growth, which has motivated the achievement of important awards as the Internationalization Award.