Grain Pre-cleaner - PCC


An efficient grain pre - cleaning constitutes a crucial factor for obtaining high yields in agro industrial plants, and for achieving
optimal conditions for safe grain storage. SuperBrix´s grain pre-cleaner is widely used to pre-condition moist and dry grains and efficiently eliminating high percentage of dockage coming from the field

The most effective and environmentally-­‐friendly impurities removal system with combined scalping and aspiration effects!
High-­‐efficiency grain pre-­‐cleaning and impurities removal without  grain loss due to the combination of a double scalping system and  a precise aspiration system to remove dust, light impurities and blanks.
Adaptable to the special conditions of all kinds of grain, by changing the scalping wire mesh.



Down - time for  inspection and maintenance is significantly reduced due to the easy front access to wear parts
Due to the aspiration of impurities in a closed-­‐circuit air system, the risk of contaminating the envoirment is eliminated. The PCC-­‐K needs no cyclonic dust collector.


Datasheet Grain pre-cleaner - Model PCC