Grain Cleaner - GR

A result of a continuous process of innovation, the SuperBrix GR Series of Grain Cleaners has been specifically designed to remove a wide range of foreign materials from paddy rice, wheat, maize, sorghum and soybeans



It's unique three-stage cleaning system utilizes a scalping cylinder to remove foreign objects that are significantly larger than the grain; an aspiration chamber designed to remove light impurities; and a sifting section which, depending upon the screen specification, is capable of removing impurities slightly larger or considerably smaller than the grain.


The combined use of scalping, aspiration and sifting offers superior cleaning efficiency when compared to traditional systems using only sifting with dust control.


All components are easily accessed and maintained; therefore, down-time is reduced to a minimum.


Its modular design allows for an easy exchange of parts, allowing the unit to be used on several different varieties of grains, if It`s required.


The compact design of the GR Series allows it to process higher capacities in a smaller floor space than some traditional cleaners. Due to its heavy-duty design and the quality of the materials used in its production, the GR Series can be relied upon for years of efficient service.


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