Secadora de lecho Fluidizado Modelo SELF

SELFLa secadora de lecho fluidizado SELF constituye un sistema de secamiento de alta eficiencia, utilizando altas temperaturas, con un alto en un corto período de tiempo.





Axial Flow Tower Dryer - STAX

The SuperBrix STAX Tower dryer is to dry grain in a continuous flow in batches in order to assure a longer storage lifecycle for the product.


Husk Furnace - TEOII


The Husk Furnace series TEO II manufactured by SuperBrix, is a result of a successful process of continuous technological innovation in search for effective solutions for the use of agricultural by products. The efficient and regulated heat generation, using solid by products as only fuel, as rice husk, constitutes a key factor for significant savings and competitiveness in the rice industry.




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