Husk Separator - SN


This pneumatic husk separator is used in different processes to separate lighter impurities from the product. It is widely applied to remove huso blanks, vains, dusk and other Light impurities from rice. This is achieved by an air countercurrent stream that blows through a curtain of falling product.


Grain pre-cleaner

The LG/PG Cleaners utilize multiple steps to achieve efficient cleaning of grains and other seeds. The scalper cylinder separates large impurities, while the aspiration module separates lighter impurities and dust.

A screw conveyor is used to recover the light impurities and a module of two screening decks separates small impurities and sand, as well as impurities larger than the grain. The combination of these modules, allows for efficient cleaning of all grains, including moist paddy rice.

Grain Cleaner - GR

A result of a continuous process of innovation, the SuperBrix GR Series of Grain Cleaners has been specifically designed to remove a wide range of foreign materials from paddy rice, wheat, maize, sorghum and soybeans.

Rotary Cleaner/Grader


Rotary cleaner & grader tambobrix PCN - 1000 is designed to remove from grain all kinds of impurities smaller (sand, brokens, etc.) and larger than the grain (straw, stones, etc.). It can be also used in the cleaning and grading processes once rotary cylinder screens are changed.





Grain Pre-cleaner - PCC


An efficient grain pre - cleaning constitutes a crucial factor for obtaining high yields in agro industrial plants, and for achieving
optimal conditions for safe grain storage. SuperBrix´s grain pre-cleaner is widely used to pre-condition moist and dry grains and efficiently eliminating high percentage of dockage coming from the field



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