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SuperBrix seeks to provide technology and innovation to grain and cereal transformation processes in many countries worldwide. Our 63 years reflect our selected international partnerships and presence in more than 54 countries, delivering value tailored to your needs.

Our most recent alliance

During recent years, Selis, one of the most dynamic and innovative companies in manufacturing machines and equipment for flour and semolina industry, has been a strategic partner of SuperBrix for the distribution of cereal milling technologies in Latin America, mainly in the wheat and corn sectors.

Today, we are glad to announce a visit to the CTE as part of this Bilateral strategic alliance Selis – SuperBrix, which makes us their technology suppliers for their milling technologies of multiple cereals and legumes, with emphasis on the rice and ancestral seeds sectors such as Quinoa and Chia and the production of superfoods for the territories of Europe, Middle East and Africa.

With this Bilateral Alliance, frontiers are to open in new territories for both companies, allowing us to provide service to our VIP global clients through marketing networks from both companies, Selis and SuperBrix.

Two organizations with innovation insignias

Both SuperBrix and Selis have been recognized worldwide as highly innovative companies in products and services, with more than 18 current patents and multiple recognitions from national and international institutions and governments.

In this context, the new alliance also contemplates developing new food products and incorporating innovative process technologies to offer pre-cooked flours, fractionation of cereals and micronization of ingredients for the food agroindustry. In addition, considering that both companies have served for more than three decades, it will enable the transfer of 100 years of knowledge and experience to other continents.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to complete your important projects together. We certainly can provide a solution to your needs.

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