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Grain Cleaner LG

Three cleaning systems for major, minor, and vain.

The PG, LG, and ZG grain fine cleaners bring the most appropriate cleaning to grain and cereals, combining pneumatic separation of dust and light impurities, also separating larger and smaller impurities by screening.

Ensures effective performance in the impurity separation process of:

Main Benefits:

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Pollution control

The open-circuit air aspiration module design integrates a dust collector cyclone, reaching high aspiration levels of light impurities.

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High capacity and easy handling

Designed to keep high levels of continuous-flow, under a simple and efficient operation.

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Adaptable to multiple products

Versatile for processing multiple products

Triple cleaning system

The LG cleaner incorporates three modules complementing each other to provide total cleaning to processing products. The upper module applies a “scalper” cylinder, removing impurities much larger than grain coming from fields. The suctioning module incorporates an auger collector for dust and vain, removing light impurities and powders. The double screen module acts to remove sand, tiny impurities, stems, and others slightly larger than grain. The combined work of these three modules obtains an efficient cleaning for all kinds of wet and dry grain.

Models and Specifications