Vertical Grain Whitener & Debranner PV

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Vertical Grain Whitener & Debranner PV

Best results in polishing and flour and bran removal in a single pass.

PV internal chamber is composed of multiple abrasive parts made of tempered steel with a particular configuration; this makes this equipment unique in the marketplace. Operates with internal pressures with intermediate cycles in the milling chamber, guaranteeing an effective removal of the pericarp or superficial bran hence reducing broken grain. In addition, the aspiration system conveys bran portions removed by the whitener while cooling grain and machine components.

Effective performance is guaranteed for polishing and shining products such as:

Main Benefits:

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Energy savings

Efficient work with significant energy savings compared to other milling and dehulling equipment of the same capacity.

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Increased durability

Integrates materials highly resistant to abrasion and friction, maximizing the useful life of the equipment and consuming parts.

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Extraordinary grain surface appearance

Unique process variables result in the ideal appearance and excellent presentation of the grain surface.

High yield of unbroken-grain

The PV whitener combines abrasion and friction polishing processes, resulting in better performance, lessening broken grains on any grain variety to process. We appreciate consulting the method of operation for each milling formula according to your market needs.

Producing technology for more than half a century

The PV grants the handling of two grain-flows at low and high capacities. These, according to the whitening or dehulling needs of multiple kinds of cereal, grain, and legumes. This equipment is robust, efficient, and technologically advanced.

Models and Specifications