Thickness Grader CG

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Thickness Grader CG

Separates impurities and performs grain calibration by width or thickness with efficiency and high precision.

Thickness Grader model CG is to mechanically and efficiently separate grain defects. The grain classification incorporates rotating drums with high-precision perforations. Perforation shapes can be oblong, round, and triangular, according to the product and the degree of impurities or defects to separate.

Effective performance guaranteed during the process of impurities separation and calibration of:

Main Benefits

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Precise Performance

The quality of perforated cylinders guarantees an effective separation, even with those impurities or defective grain with thickness or diameters very similar to the main product.

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Effective separation

The robust structure of the CG and separate motorization of each cylinder ensures a soundless and vibration-free performance.

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Adaptable to various products

Incorporates simple and easy access to replace parts from perforated cylinders, facilitating their replacement according to the benefit of the desired final product, enabling to process a great variety of products and rejects.

High precision technology

The arrangement of perforations and/or the total open working area permits the CG model calibration cylinders to eliminate advance or delay effects in grain flows. Therefore, guaranteeing the appropriate exposure time of the product flow to the screening area, increasing impurity separation effects and hence separation efficiency.

Producing technology for more than half a century

The CG calibrators integrate a modular design, enabling installing up to eight cylinders in parallel, maximizing the space required to deliver calibration and grain separation processes. CG calibrators are build up with robust, efficient, and technologically advanced structures and designs.

Models and Specifications