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Grain Pre-cleaner PCC

Practical system with double scalper and close air circuit, for cleaning and removes large impurities without polluting.

SuperBrix Pre-cleaner model PCC scalper is a widely known equipment used to pre-condition wet and dry grains, effectively eliminating a high percentage of large impurities from the field or other grain market activities.

Effective performance guaranteed in the separation process of:

Main Benefits

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Environmental friendly

The closed-circuit suction system decants the suctioned impurities in a controlled manner, eliminating the risk of contamination.

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Easy access and maintenance

Downtime and maintenance times are reduced to a minimum thanks to simple access to spare parts.

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Adaptable to multiple products

By simply replacing the screens and adjusting scalpers' screening area, you can efficiently process a wide variety of grains and cereals.

Effective removal of Impurities

The pre-cleaning quality of the product and the extraction of high levels of large impurities from grains are fully guaranteed. These, due to the combination of two “Scalper” cylinders effects, giving a first and second step of pre-cleaning and recovery of grains, unitedly with an efficient dust and light impurities aspiration inside the closed-circuit air chamber.

Machines are robustly designed and easy to set and operate; they can also work combined with SuperBrix cleaners PG, LG, and ZG models to obtain full-cleaning of wet and dry beans.

Models and Specifications