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Fluidized Bed Dryer SELF

It is the ideal complement to carry out mixed drying, improving the efficiency of your existing or new drying system.

The SELF dryer is a highly efficient drying system, where grains float inside a process chamber controlled by the effect of an air conditioning stream, handling high temperatures in short time cycles.The SELF is an excellent choice to incorporate into an existing grain-drying system.

It guarantees an efficient performance in the drying process of:

Main Benefits:

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Drying time reduction

Quickly lessen grain moisture between 4 to 8%, in short periods 3 to 5 minutes, without affecting the nutritional properties of grains.

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Reduction of post-drying aging time

It achieves homogeneous drying of grains with very low moisture dispersion.

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Greater drying capacity

The rapid and effective grain moisture removal permits to increase the drying capacity by up to 35%.

Homogeneity in Drying

The SuperBrix model SELF fluidized bed dryer keeps homogeneous air distribution across the grain bed, inclusive of when the input grain presents high levels of dispersed moisture. Homogeneous grains distribution originates from the large flow and pressure of air applied and the principle of grain fluidization movement inside the drying chamber. Integrating the AG model Grain Conditioner into this process, grain rests and cools, guaranteeing homogeneous humidity at the grain outlet.

More than half a century of improvement

SuperBrix holds two models fitted for handling two grain or flake streams at low and high capacities, according to the drying needs of multiple kinds of cereal, grains, and legumes. The SELF fluidized bed dryer is robust, efficient, and technologically advanced equipment.

Models and specifications