Roto Sifter ZR

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Roto Sifter ZR

Offer high capacities and efficient grain sorting, with up to five product types and by-products sorted by size (length).

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The model ZR Roto-Sifter is designed to efficiently separate grains by size. The ZR of two, three, and four floors is to classify product flows in 3, 4, or 5 cycles, managing to modify the size of its particles. Incorporates exchangeable stainless steel pre-corrugated meshes to deliver product classification according to separation needs.

Guarantees efficient performance to process grain, cereals, seeds, and legumes such as:

Main Benefits

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Innovative cleaning system

Regular cleaning of the screens warrants constant work, maximizing productivity.r rollers, significantly reducing broken grain

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Versatile Operation

Adjustable to multiple sorting processes under a wide variety of particle sizes.

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Constant work

Robust construction, suitable for 24/7 operation, maintaining its performance and efficiency.

Optimal Classification

The combination of two movements, rotating at the product inlet, and swinging at the outlet or discharge, allow complete product distribution on the screening screens, guaranteeing a very efficient classification performance.

Producing technology for more than half a century

We have two models to handle two-grain flows at low and high capacities, according to separation needs of multiple kinds of cereal, grains, seeds, and legumes; the ZR is robust, efficient, and technologically exceptional equipment.

Models and Specifications